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Redesign the Mind


We walk through our life creating stories, crafting the narratives as the main character in our lives. Sometimes, we get entrenched in our own storyline, unable to adapt to the changes that require our malleability.

Together, we will explore different ways of seeing this world. Instead of going back and forth in resistance to what has not worked, we will focus on how you truly want to feel. This 8-week journey is not about being taught by a superior leader. It is a place of mutual discovery, remembering together, and birthing new possibilities.

This eight week journey is tailored to each individual. We may focus on a certain lens more in depth depending on where you are at in your story.

what to expect


Self-Soothing & Grounding

We need tools to self-soothe when we are expanding, making changes, and going through challenges. Here are some tools I will guide you through:


· Sensory Immersion: a guided meditation on sensory awareness, with emphasis on sound with singing bowls, flute, ambient and ASMR sounds

· Partner Meditation: a tandem meditation mirroring and vocalizing rest and nourishment

· Restorative Yoga with Neurosculpting techniques: access the parasympathetic nervous system and develop neuroplasticity to downregulate the nervous system and vagus nerve

· Simple 5 minute tools to de-stress: bilateral stimulation, horse-breath, shaking, tapping (EFT), long exhales, progressive muscle relaxation


Food is one of the most important aspects that affect the chemistry of our gut biome, which produces most of the serotonin in our body, regulating mood. I will guide you through the basics of nutrition, with an option to add on a 30-day health reset, which will also clear out the glyphosate (the chemical in Roundup pesticides) in your gut.



Meditation will be weaved through the weeks, along with mindful movement practices. We will experiment with different types of meditations as you develop your own preferences and practices with meditation. Note: Download the Insight Timer App before beginning.


· Intention Setting: Learn how to set your specific sankalpa that you can repeatedly come back to as an affirmation and mantra for meditation

· Wheel of Awareness: a deeper dive into the senses, thoughts, people, and weaving all the elements into your awareness

· Drishti: utilizing the mind’s eye and soft gaze at an object to practice focus



We will work through relaxing and stimulating breaths, which you can utilize depending on what your body needs that day.


· Relaxing: square breath, alternate nostril breathing, complete breath

· Stimulating: breath of fire, Wim Hof


Embodied Movement

Deeper than dance, we will learn to listen and utilize our body to move through the world. Weaving ecstatic dance, Alexander Technique, Muse Alchemy, and anatomy, we will observe how you hold and move your body through this world. We will find polarities, the edges of comfort, and find where they meet. We will practice boundaries, power, and clearing emotions and energy. Develop body and emotional language with the artistic creation of your movement. Step out of these practices with more emotional resilience, mastery, and language.


Enneagram & Astrology

We will bring some outside knowledge by figuring out your Enneagram personality type, which may take several quizzes and sitting with several Enneagram types to find out. Steven Kessler's Five Personality Traits is another tool to figure out energetic patterns we use when protecting ourselves. Lastly, we will also use the Pattern app, which will need your birth date and time. Whether you believe in astrology or not, I have found it is a useful tool to understand personality traits. Keep in mind that it is possible to overcome and change, and you may already have, and these are helpful tools to support you to be the best version of yourself.


Writing Prompts

We will utilize writing as a tool to help you unlock subconscious streams of thought, and storytelling to form narratives on how you came to be, what you have overcome, and where you want to be. Humans think in terms of storytelling, and that is how we relate to each other and ourselves.



We will use the chakra system to go through how you want to feel in every aspect of your life, from body, mind, to spirit. You will be supported on how to frame your affirmations, and through practice, you will be able to hone in on how you want to feel and notice resistances you may have. This is a monthly goal-setting and check-in with yourself as well. You will then learn to viscerally feel, visualize, and enact these manifestations to further solidify your confidence.

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