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Sensory Immersion Sound Healing


Sound was our first clue into the outside world. Deeper than a usual sound healing, I guide in meditation awareness of all the senses perceived in the body. Sound, sight, smell, taste, and touch. The body becomes a vehicle for downloading the senses, beginning a portal into the wordless depth and wisdom of the body.

With the option to have the handmade Tibetan singing bowls on you, experience the vibrations changing the water inside your body. The experience can range from deep rest in the parasympathetic nervous system, to accessing unravelled layers of the subconscious.

The wide array of instruments carefully curated to be in tune with each other serve as an orchestral soundtrack to your journey. I serve as a translator of energy into sound, and sound into transmutation of time.

Deepen the practice by adding plant medicine and/or embodied movement. Embodied movement is tailored to each individual, built from the ground of a soothing sensory immersion practice. We utilize the power of reenactment to express through the body parts of ourselves we may have repressed (known as the shadow self in Jungian psychology). By allowing the shadow parts to express themselves, we also learn the opposite edge of our polarities. By allowing these parts of ourselves dialogue through the body's expression, we come to wholeness. We embrace our entire being, allowing mastery, adaptability, and resilience as powerful tools to navigate this world.

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This work is a combination of expertise derived from neuroscience, ceremonial rituals, somatic expressive art, yoga (Tantric philosophy and the yogic system of energy), mindfulness, breathwork, years of music study, intuition, and lived experience.

Ultimately, this works for those that feel called to it. There are many accessible tools, and it takes your curiosity and openness to change to find a timeless state of being.

Contact me to inquire further or to book a session. Available online or in person.

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