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Imagination in Stillness...


Creativity in Motion.

This journey is for the self-aware.


This 4 week experience is for those who understand their own shadows, conditions, and patterns. are witnessing the continuous cycles occur. The mind may know, but the body and feelings/emotions has its own wisdom and timeline. We are now at the place of befriending those parts of ourselves at the mind, body, and emotional level.


You will create a dialogue between the three levels of awareness with sound, art, movement, and writing. This is not for those seeking to be fixed, analyzed, or told what to do. This is for alchemists ready to embrace the multiplicity of themselves, and ready to step into the non-linear realm.


This is for all who want to increase the diversity of responses through visualization and imagination, unlock creative and expanded tools for movement/dance, and using the art of improvisation to widen your ability for whole-hearted living.

The process

Sensory Immersion

We will utilize sound with a wide array of singing bowls, flute, chimes, synthesizer, and ambient sounds to help guide you into a state of sensory awareness. We access the wisdom of the body by opening our awareness to listen to what it is trying to tell us through sound, visuals, touch, taste, and smell. This process can bring up old emotions, unprocessed past events, and/or a state of pleasurable bliss. This journey has been equated to EMDR, or a state of hypnosis made available to those who open themselves to this sober psychedelic journey.



Art is not meant for external ideals of perfection. We decommodify art by giving it back to all humans. The process of art can give us valuable insights on what is happening within our experience deeper than words can convey. It teaches us the relationship of self, others, and the world. It can also become a physical representation of how we want to see the world, similar to the efficacy and science of vision boards. We will learn to integrate the symbolism from the visual art into the themes of everyday life.

This is a safe space to symbolically enact our shadows and struggles, and begin pivoting our responses. Creativity is to see solutions in multiple ways, and synthesizing the connections between different ideas. We are opening new possibilities.

On a tangible level, we can then interact art with dialogue, and witnessing the transformation of the art itself through multiple sessions.


Dance is one of the our most primal art forms. This is not a performative space. Rather, it is a place of exploration for the body to enact and transmute the mind, body, and emotions. This is a place of play to safely introduce old and new responses to recurring themes, behaviors, and shadows. You will learn to embolden your courage for change, expansiveness, and pursue your dreams.

The process of fragmentation to embrace the whole comes alive here. Release shadow emotions and dialogue in a space of non-judgment.

We will expand your tools of dance by using time, space, body parts, movement, the voice, and improvisation. Movement will be weaved into the visual art process as well.


Instead of conversation utilized in talk therapy, we will spend the least amount of time possible with words between you and I. This is meant for me to become the clearest, most integral reflection. Words can be used to speak out dialogue, or if you wish to share about the process afterwards. However, I will encourage us to experience first, and process later.

Writing will be utilized as a tool to reflect on experiences immediately. As part of the 'homework,' you will be encouraged to write dialogues, poems, prose, and letters to crystallize your process.

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