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Invocation of My Muchness

I am self-made. Made of Pure Sweetness. Sweetness in the smiling, tearful, searching, longing, graceful eyes. Eyes constructing prisms of amazing beams of light. Lights refracting all colors of consciousness. Consciousness dances around twinkling stars. Stars that could hardly be real in the presence of the Sun. Sun-kissed, solar-powered, soothed by raw fire and the solar plexus. Solar-plexus, radiating nerves, self-identity, turning fiery flames to chronic protection.

Protection from soul-shattering heartbreak, rejection of lowercase love, of a love-deprived child. Child, hear me now. Now and forever, in an approximate Eternity, where past, present, and future exist together: You are held. Held in deep waters where you see no end, salty waters who hold you effortlessly, raging streams and waterfalls, vast oceans where the sun still meets day in and day out. Outside of your human structural edges are where you are actually embraced. Embraced by an all-encompassing, mysterious, prevailing force we sometimes call Unconditional Love. Love that requires no attention, but Intention. Intention to dissolve the structured body to live dynamically. Dynamically in the prism of refracting colors. Colors of the wind. Wind-swept by dust, until we return what we borrowed back to the earth. Earth, Mother Earth, An Invocation of My Muchness.  Coming back to innate ancient wisdom. Wisdom in daily reminders that all I have to do, is Remember.


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