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Sensory Download Events

Sensory Download events are a night of performance art hosted by Nothing is Everything. Let us all “do our own thing” together, in radical self-expression. This is a gathering to remember the wisdom of our senses. In addition to live, spacious, ambient music, there will be food, a photo booth, live painting, pleasant smells, a cuddle puddle, guided mindful movements, infinitely reflected mirrors, as well as an open invitation for poetry reading and talent sharing. Active and inactive participation is welcome. We are the Veterans of Fun, we are here to Gather, Remember, and Play in this world!

We feature music of local various musicians, poets, artists, and artisans!

About Nothing is Everything

April Maple (flute and alto flute, tang drum), Makayla Dooley (keys, synth, vox), and Zach Light (guitar, sound) gather in Denver to find space to curate experiences through sound therapy and other modes of self-expression. Within the space, the ether, the Nothing, contains all vibrations. Through meditative music and a vision to blur the boundaries between performer and audience, Nothing is Everything invokes peace in an otherwise busy world.


Upcoming Events

On hold. Stay tuned for album updates.


nothing is everything

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